Profiled: different types of street harassers


“Profiling the harasser is useful because it provides the Target and the Bystander a means for determining what type of harassing person they are dealing with. This knowledge helps take some of the fear out of the encounter. It also enables a vocabulary for conceptualizing and discussion.” ~ Street Harassment Disruption


A short summary of the types of street harassers out there to help you identify and understand street harassment via Street Harassment Disruption.

Public Voyeur – staring, leering, takes a picture, etc.


The Creep – His very presence gives women “the creeps”. He usually knows it and uses it.


Car Driving Baboon – Honks, hoots, and hollers at you as he drives by. A “hit and run” tactic.


Charmer Wannabe – Comes on too strong, does not listen to “No”, thinks he is “God’s gift to women, might follow you, engages in bantering and “compliments”. Attempts to control the encounter.


Working Stiff – Harasses you while on the job. Looking for entertainment. Usually in a group.


Peacocking Showoff – Playing to the crowd. Looking to be the entertainment. Wants attention.


Dirty Old Man – You know him when you see him. Many times goes after the young and innocent.


Drunken Asshole – Has alcohol fueled courage, no inhibitions, exhibits poor judgement, etc. Sometimes starts out as the Charmer Wannabe.


Crude Oaf – Makes especially vulgar and disgusting comments directly to or about you.


The Pervert – Engages in flashing and public masturbation like activities, etc.


Touchy Feeler – Gets close to women and tries to rub against or touch them inappropriately whenever possible. Utilizes public transportation to his advantage. Can be sneaky or obvious.


Overgrown Bully – Uses threatening, derogatory, angry language, impulsive behavior, etc.


Anti-Social Intimidator Uses violence as a tool at the slightest provocation. He is dangerous.


Predatory Stalker – Follows the Target seeking opportunity for further victimization.


Opportunistic Predator – Harassment is a means to test/interview for potential victimization. He sometimes uses the techniques of the Charmer Wannabe. He is dangerous and needs to be deterred with the use of strong physical assertiveness and a *Not Me!!! attitude.

* Not Me: The 5 Ds of Self Defence


Have you experienced street harassment in South Africa? Please share your story, you can remain anonymous if you prefer! Just submit your story here or email [email protected].



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